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Spooky Ghosts Dot Com is a small metroidvania about a ghost hunter named Ruby.  One Halloween night a ghost hunting job comes in, but it turns out to not be a regular gig!


-5 different interconnected spooky areas to fight through.
-50+ rooms to explore!
-6 spooky bosses to defeat.
-Find and pet all 8 lost cats!
-Items to boost Rubys power and gain new abilities!
-Ghost buddies, cats, shopkeepers, and others to meet within the mansion.


Get this game and 1 more for $7.00 USD
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On Sale!
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$4.99 $3.74 USD or more

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Development log


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I think this was a charming idea and setting with maybe a bit of testing needed in terms of difficulty. Fighting teeth from inside a mouth was a standout moment, and the frog witch was also quite cool. The main gripes I remember having were the warp cats not restoring health--that would be faster warping to somewhere I could get health back, then warping to wherever I actually wanted to go--and not being able to hold down the fire key to attack repeatedly. The eventual presence of a charged attack wasn't enough to make that feel a worthwhile tradeoff for me. But I appreciated the interesting range of settings and all the cats.

A nice, charming little game! Controls can feel a little stiff at times, but otherwise good job! Wish there was more to it like new areas or different guns to choose from.

I got this during the quarantine giveaway earlier this year, but I can't seem to play it now. It tells me I still need to buy it even though I already own it. I would like to play this, but it doesn't seem possible right now. Is there some way I can fix this?


hey delve! im not sure where itch put those games, maybe it is under the 'bundle' area at

if you cant find it there or in your library, you should try reaching out to support

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No, I can download it. I have access to the download page, but it fails to launch. I read the event log, and it said, "Could not refresh upload: API error (400): /uploads/1157151: you must buy this game to download". This led me to thinking it might have had something to do with it failing to realize I owned the game, but perhaps I've misinterpreted it? Forgive me. I'm not very savvy in this area.

I don't know if this will help, but the game exited with this:

Had error: exit code 0x7f (127) for (SpookyGhostsDotCom)
→ Standard error ================
 /home/$USER/media/games/ - lin/SpookyGhostsDotCom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
 → Standard output: empty
 Relaying launch failure.

Are you on linux? others have reported that some distros have this issue, another user posted this below which fixed it for them:


nevermind I fixed it, so in linux:

chmod +x SpookyGhostsDotCom





Yes, I'm running Archlinux.

I tried what you suggested in the terminal, and it managed to run the game! Thank you!

Would there be some way to run that when I launch it from the Itch app?


Just finished this (got it as part of the big charity bundle earlier in the year). You know what? That was charming as all heck. I'm sitting here thinking "ah man, I wish there was more of it" which I guess isn't the worst complaint to have! Thanks again.

I have this on my Switch. I beat it shortly after I bought it last year. I thought it was rough around the edges. At the end of the day, it left me with wanting more: bigger area to explore, different ghosts, more kitties to pet... Smooth it out the next one and it'll be a hidden gem (cue goofy Metal Jesus joke/reference).


An enjoyable little game, takes about an hour to complete (give or take if you have trouble with the bosses).
Takes inspiration from Environmental Station Alpha if you take the graphics and combat mechanics together.

Enjoyable for its unique, silly presentation (more cats!) and charming enemy design. Very straightforward. A good game and worth the buy. Go get it!


The pixel art is right up my alley, especially the bosses. Figuring out their patterns to win is also engaging.

Let me say first off that I did finish the game and enjoyed it, but I had to struggle through a lot that made it feel like work at times.

These are a few sins this game makes. 

1) Loose controls. Shooting, especially when you get the upgrade shot, has a long delay that you need to account for (it almost felt like a downgrade when I got it because of this). The upgrade shot also prevents you from using the upgrade jump which means you often take damage because of the multiple delay points. Jumping is also rather floaty in general (you hit the high point of the jump and hang there for awhile).

2.1) Save point frustration - Exploration. There aren't enough saves in obvious places. This is especially bad when you are exploring a new area and keep finding new stuff but as dying loses progress (and health regeneration is only at save points) it's sometimes a good idea to just go back to a known save rather than hope that a new room has one. 

2.2) Save point frustration - Bosses. The save point when you restart from a boss fight may have multiple enemies between them. This means to fight a boss at full HP you need to be careful to not take damage between the save and the boss (Even the last boss!!!) This is super annoying as it effectively pads out the time between you dying and actually trying again.

3) Warps. There are only 4 of them and like save points aren't in great places. What's worse is that you need to work to unlock them rather than just finding one. The main point of these warps are so you can more quickly backtrack to explored areas to complete 100% the game, WHY would you require players to collect enough things before they can use the warp so they can collect more things? Having the save points also allow for warps with no restrictions would've been much more useful.

Minor quibbles. 

Items that aren't yet obtained don't show up in the map.

The intro to the game was a bit misleading. I was really expecting (hoping) for multiple jobs as the intro behaves so much differently than the rest of the game.


Thank you for the feedback!  I definitely hear you on these points, I learned from making this game as well as from the feedback I received from players.

I had never heard that point about the warps needing cats before, but it totally makes sense the way you are talking about it.  In hindsight it definitely doesnt make the most sense to require you to explore to use the travel that makes exploring easier😆, might have been better for them to give you an upgrade if you had pet enough cats, but still allow travel.

I am keeping all the lessons ive learned from this game in mind so that my new game will be even better!  So thank you again for the thorough and constructive feedback!


I finally finished this game after dozens of deaths and restarts and I almost didn't enjoy any of the parts in this game. I just had the desire to complete this game for leaving this feedback (and because it's made from my favourite game engine). From my side the game is too hard and unforgivable. 

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Linux users:

In a file manager:

In the game directory, make the SpookyGhostsDotCom file executable by changing permissions (properties), create a linux64 directory and move the inside.

Or in a terminal:

$ chmod +x ./SpookyGhostsDotCom

$ mkdir linux64

$ mv linux64

Reason is, the game has a RUNPATH set to $ORIGIN/linux64, so it checks for libraries in the linux64 directory first.

(1 edit) (+1)

The Linux port does not start, possibly due to using an absolute path for

./SpookyGhostsDotCom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Please fix this.

this fix that someone posted below seems to work for some distros:


nevermind I fixed it, so in linux:

chmod +x SpookyGhostsDotCom





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Yes, but you have to type/copy those lines individually into the terminal every single time you want to start the game, is there a way to not have to do it every time?

im not sure unfortunately, im not super familiar with linux

i used ubuntu for testing, seems to be only certain distros that have this issue?

I use Linux Mint, which is part of the Ubuntu family, so that's even more surprising.

it does not matter which distro. game will fail for all distros because it's faulty by itself.

same on Debian. game uses steam protection to run. instead of looking for a solution to link that steamAPI file you'd better ask why it happened on DRM free storefront. I just sent error report, hopefully itch support can review this game and will ensure we don't need to dance around steam DRM to run this game. 

Really enjoy the game and I like the feeling of becoming better and better, but I get stucked in the Library ^ ^'

I also don't know how to deliver the witch...

Do I have to deliver the witch to continue the librairy ?

Do somebody can help ?

yup you have to beat the witch to get into the library, to beat the witch there is another boss in the basement you need to beat

Actually there is some rooms that doesn't appear in my map (doesn't discovered yet).
But I can't get back to it (blocked by a wood baricade and no big cat to return to the not finished zone).
Hope the content I missed isn't essential !


Sorry but it was a really unpleasant experience (enough to completely stop playing immediately) to wander through the mansion, unexpectedly end up having to fight a tough boss (or sub-boss, idk), die to it, and then end up instantly respawning back at the beginning with all progress wiped out. It would be nice if for the first such boss, a save point is established right before.

Use the pumpkins to save, as you play you get better and the beginning become much more easier.

The game is mostly about learning ennemies attack pattern and skills ^_^


this game was a mixed bag. i loved all the pixel art and animations: the fake reddit page, the cute menu animations, the creepy enemies, petting cats. it was all attention to detail that pleasantly surprised me. unfortunately the game was soured by really bad music and tedious gameplay. the platforming itself was fun and had tight controls, but using the gun was tedious (regardless of difficulty). it's weak, slow, and has poor range. the charge shot helped, but enemies still felt like bullet sponges. if there was some second upgrade that helped this problem, i didn't have the fortitude to find it. that all said, i'm eager to check out candy trail and any future games because your art truly is wonderful.


I've seen your comment on some post on qoura



./SpookyGhostsDotCom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

nevermind I fixed it, so in linux:

chmod +x SpookyGhostsDotCom




I have the same problem in Manjaro, but I can't figure out how to apply your fix. :(

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I'm playing with a keyboard and I'm not comfortable with the default controls. How do I change the controls on the menu? I can't assign any new keys for any actions, no matter how many keys I press, it just doesn't register somehow. I've noticed that when I hit F I cancel the change and go back, but that's about it. Is there a key that confirms assigning a specific key to a specific action?

EDIT: Since there isn't a manual or any instructions on the description, I have to ask here in the comments.

Hello! Sorry if its confusing!  At the top when you have "Controls Type" selected, you can press right or left to switch between controller/keyboard layouts, keyboard cant add changes to controller layout and controller cant add changes to the keyboard layout.

Oh shoot, I hadn't noticed the "controls type" at the top. Thx for the help.

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cats in video game


Exploring the mansion and petting the cats is a fun time, and learning the patterns of enemies (and especially the bosses) is rewarding. What a cute and well-designed little game! 

thank you i am glad you had a good time!


I really love this super-pixely minimalistic graphic. My best compliments! :)

Thank you! 😊

You are very welcome ^-^


Este metroidvania me encantó bastante, es sencillo, corto y bastante adictivo. He elaborado una review completa aquí: